"The question isn’t what could we have done differently. It’s what can we do now." Joyce Maitland (Seniu's mom).

On May 31, 2016, Crescent Valley High School senior Seniu Maitland took his own life. There have been several other teen suicides or attempted suicides in Benton County since Seniu's death.

According to the CDC, suicide is the second-leading cause of death for youth ages 10–24 in the US. In Oregon, suicide has been increasing since 2000, outpacing the national average in 2012 by 42 percent.

Four Oregon State University students — Beatrice Gnetti, Ranya Guennoun, Zbigniew Sikora and Berkley Noble — felt compelled to confront the problem of teen suicide head-on. The student-donors, who are 18–19 years old, established a fund with Benton Community Foundation to spread awareness among educators; dismantle the taboo of talking about teen suicide; and, improve access to care.

For more than sixty years, donors have partnered with BCF to address the causes of most concern to them. But, times change. With that change come shifting priorities and emerging issues.

We are asking you to give to our Leadership Fund so that we have the resources to meet emerging needs -- like prevention of teenage suicide. The Leadership Fund will allow us to build our capacity to act as catalyst for positive change; tailor best practices to our neighborhoods; and, provide seed monies for public-private partnerships to quickly respond to pressing issues in our community.  We made progress toward this fundraising goal on Giving Tuesday, but we still need to raise $15,000 by the end of the year to meet our goal!

Please partner with us to build leadership in Benton County!

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Lieutenant Colonel Michael T. Rainbolt, USA, Ret.

Donor Advised Funds make gifting a breeze!

Lieutenant Colonel Michael T. Rainbolt, USA, Ret., built his career in the military like his father before him. Today, his passion is to support veterans, military families and future leaders in the ROTC.

With those goals in mind, Mike established a donor-advised fund (DAF) with Benton Community Foundation. Through his DAF, he supports organizations that serve veterans, camps for children of military families, and ROTC.

Granting from his DAF is easy, Mike simply emails BCF a grant request; BCF does all the work, and the recipient receives a check in the name of Mike’s fund.

By establishing a donor-advised fund, Mike can give to a cause he’s passionate about. You can do the same.


BCF supports the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis

Charitable IRA Rollovers and Appreciated Securities

Individuals age 70 ½ and older may make IRA Charitable Rollover gifts up to $100,000 per year without incurring tax on the withdrawal. This benefit is available to all taxpayers regardless of whether they itemize their deductions.  If you are required to take an annual minimum distribution (AMD), but do not need the income, consider rolling your AMD over to BCF!

Contributing appreciated securities is another tax-efficient way to give. “Appreciated securities" include stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds which you purchased more than one year ago and which now have a value greater than you paid for them. Since the securities are donated rather than sold, you pay no capital gain taxes and you receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities up to 30% of your adjusted gross income.

Marty Carrol received dentures thanks to the Lagestee Initiative

What legacy will you leave to your community?

Harry and Lorraine Lagestee came from humble beginnings. In 1952, Harry was laid off from his job. The family was down to their last few dollars when he landed a good job at a lumber mill in Eddyville. Later, the family purchased BAMM Hardware in Philomath.

The Lagestees were fortunate, and during their lifetimes, they shared their good fortune by supporting their community. In 2014, BCF launched the Lagestee Initiative, made possible by a generous bequest from the Lagestee estate. The goal of the initiative is to close the gaps in service for at-risk families in Philomath, Blodgett, Alsea and Summit.

Harry and Lorraine Lagestee left a legacy of support to their community. You can do the same.

BCF awards $793,278 as of July 31, 2017

By mid-year, BCF has completed much of its annual grant making. Distributions are made to charities named as beneficiaries in funds. Grants are issued to the successful applicants of our annual competitive grants cycle, and students receiving scholarship awards are notified so that payment may be made upon proof of enrollment. Only donor recommended grants from Donor Advised Funds are made year round.

Why give through BCF

We are a local organization with deep roots in this community and have been partnering with donors like you since 1953. We value integrity, respect and innovation; excellent stewardship; and, equity in our grant making.  Most of all, we honor the trust placed in us by respecting our donors’ wishes.  We provide a highly personalized service tailored to your charitable and financial interests.  We will connect you with the causes that matter most to you and help you create your own personal legacy.


Christopher T. Quaka selected as new BCF President/CEO!

Christopher Quaka has been appointed as Benton Community Foundation's new President and CEO.  Chris brings to the position a comprehensive background in business, national service, and proactive fundraising.  He also possesses a great mix of skill sets such as leadership, inspiration, operational experience, and a passion for client relationships.