Benton County Diabetes Health Promotion Designated Endowment



In the 1990s, a community-based coalition of physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, and people with diabetes met periodically to identify and address the community’s unmet needs related to the health of individuals with diabetes.  

Led by John Landers, Pat Eschelman, and Carol Walsh, the coalition formed a nonprofit corporation in October of 2001. “We found there were some needs for education, services, and supplies that were not being met through providers or community support groups,” said Vicki Baker, nutritionist, dietitian, and Vice President of the newly formed Diabetes Health Promotion Coalition of Benton County. "Non-English speakers and rural residents are particularly underserved," she added. Funded through a bequest, the nonprofit provided education and outreach to fill the gap in services not met by other community-based health or medical programs. 

In August 2009, the Diabetes Health Promotion Coalition of Benton County transferred its assets to BCF to establish an endowed fund to ensure that its original mission continued in perpetuity. The fund established at BCF by the coalition, The Benton County Diabetes Health Promotion Designated Endowment, designates the Alsea Rural Health Clinic as the recipient of annual grants for the provision of diabetes education, outreach and services.