Impact in the Community

Making an impact in healthcare

“My grandma told me, ‘Education is the ladder,’” said Raven Waldron, a graduate student at Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy. “That stuck with me, that she always wanted me to go to college.”

In the spring of 2018, Raven earned her bachelor’s in BioResource Research, with a focus on toxicology, and that fall began OSU’s doctoral program in pharmacy. “I was doing environmental research, on environmental toxins, and I was missing that human connection,” said Raven. “I was starting to look into other options where I could use that chemistry knowledge but have more interactions with people.”

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New endowment for Jackson Street Youth Services

In 2018, the Rotary Club of Corvallis Morning announced that sadly it would be holding its final meeting. For more than thirty years, the club has supported community efforts across Benton County, and recently made their contributions using a Donor Advised Fund at BCF. As the club made plans to dissolve, they decided to convert their Donor Advised Fund into an endowed fund, designated to support Jackson Street Youth Services. This way, the club’s generous spirit will be preserved, and their hard work will continue to benefit local youth, year after year.

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Corvallis schools receive $15,000 for Sources of Strength

In May 2018, the Benton Community Foundation presented $15,000 to Corvallis Public Schools for the purpose of starting a new youth wellness initiative. The “Sources of Strength” program will focus on preventing teen suicide by building positive support networks between teachers and students, and students and their peers. The gift was accompanied by an additional $10,000 from Larry and Barbara Mullins’ Mullins Charitable Fund.

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Boy Scout Troop 170 honored as youth heroes

In August 2017, in the mountainous terrain of the Goat Rocks Wilderness in southwest Washington, eight Boy Scouts and two adult trip leaders were three days into a six-day, fifty-mile backpacking trip when Pat O’Malley, a parent leader on the trip, was injured, suffering a broken bone. The Scouts spent two days evacuating him, and in October were awarded the Holcomb Youth Hero Award for their efforts.

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BCF announces ‘Homeless to Housing Community Initiative’

The Benton Community Foundation is pleased to announce the Homeless to Housing Community Initiative. With the help of local communities, BCF has provided more than $82,000 in funding this year to support the basic needs of people experiencing homelessness and the comprehensive services which help people move up and out of poverty. The goal of this initiative is to raise additional funding that will support the local continuum of care for those experiencing homelessness in Benton County.

Students partner with BCF to prevent teen suicide

On May 31, 2016, high school senior Seniu Maitland took his own life. Shaken by his death, four OSU students who are close to the Maitland family began raising money to establish a fund with the Benton Community Foundation, aiming to confront the problem of teen suicid, spread awareness among educators, dismantle the taboo of talking about teen suicide, and improve access to care.