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Corvallis Public Schools Foundation

June 2018

On May 23rd, BCF presented the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation with $15,000 for the purpose of starting a new youth wellness initiative called “Sources of Strength.” The program will focus on preventing teen suicide by building positive support networks between teachers and students, and students and their peers. Continue reading the newsletter.


Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year

April 2018

This spring we’re not sure what’s been more unpredictable…the weather or the financial markets. With our investments holding strong, we're excited to announce that BCF is in the midst of distributing more than $250,000 to local non-profits. These funds are made possible by community members past and present, who have set up endowments for the purpose of preserving important community resources. Continue reading the newsletter.


Holcomb Youth Hero Award

November 2017

If you missed the Youth Hero Ceremony, you should know we had a great time celebrating and honoring some amazing youth in our community with a standing-room-only crowd! Billie, Larry, and Linda Holcomb handed out the awards, and a $15,000 check was delivered to Boy Scout Troop 170! Thank you to the Holcomb Family for their generosity and amazing community spirit! Continue reading the newsletter.


Holcomb Youth Hero Award

October 2017

Did you know that as many as 1,000 people in Benton County are experiencing homelessness? This year, our donors provided more than $95,000 in funding that purchased a lift for a food bank, supported case management at a women’s shelter, and helped working families who are experiencing homelessness afford childcare. Continue reading the newsletter.



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