Transferring Stock

Benton Community Foundation has one main investment portfolio held by the Bank of NYC/Pershing, ABA #021000018, Account No. 4DR-215094. Benton Community Foundation's tax identification number is 93-6022916.

When you transfer securities on behalf of your client, please let us know via e-mail or call us at (541) 753-1603 so that we can credit the appropriate fund and forward a tax donation receipt to your client once the securities have been transferred.     

Depending on the type of security to be transferred, to follow is the transfer information:

Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) and Eligible Securities and Options. Instruct DTCC eligible securities and the Options Clearing Corporation eligible options to clearing broker number 0443. Be sure to include Pershing account number: 4DR-215094.

Federal Entry Securities. Instruct federal entry securities, for instance, Treasury notes, to BK OF NYC/PERSHING, ABA number 021000018. Be sure to include the following Pershing account number: 4DR-215094.

Transaction Fees:

Common stock / ETF Trades:     $19.00 plus .01/share over 2,000 shares ($24.00 maximum)

Mutual Fund Trades:                    $15.00

Bond, CD and UIT Trades:           $22.00

Confirmation Service Fee             $ 3.50

Thank you for your support of our community!!!