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Corvallis Environmental Center's SAGE Field Trip Program

Sage Garden TourIn 2013, BCF helped fund the SAGE Field Trip Program, providing 40 hands-on experiences for 992 students and 195 adults from local schools. Students from Corvallis elementary schools, Philomath Elementary, Ashbrook Independent school, and LBCC Pre-K participated. The programs allowed students to expand on concepts they were learning in their classrooms in a real world environment, in this case the ecosystem of an organic garden. Students were encouraged to taste food directly from the garden. Students also learned about the importance and benefits of building and maintaining healthy soil and the interactions of plants and animals that occur as part of a healthy garden environment. SAGE, the CEC’s 1-acre production garden in Starker Arts Park, was an easily accessible location for all schools.

Cornerstone Associates, Inc.

Cornerstone AssociatesacCornerstone Associates, Inc. operates eight commerical enterprises staffed by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. BCF provided a 2013 grant for their Skill-Training Scholarship Program, offering seven Benton County residents an opportunity to learn employment and social skills through meaningful participation in the workplace.

Philomath Youth Activities Club

Philomath Youth Activities Club's (PYAC) mission is to provide positive recreational and educational opportunities to the youth in the Philomath community.   All of PYAC's programs are designed to help give youth the tools they will need to sucessfully navigate through adolescence. In 2013, BCF provided two grants to PYAC: scholarships to pay membership fees for low-income students and transportation costs for 40 students to attend summer day camp.

Quilts From Caring Hands

Quilts from Caring Hands (QCH) makes and distributes quilts at no charge to Oregon’s children-at-risk: the homeless, those in foster care, drug addicted, HIV positive, visually impaired, abused, as well as infants of teen mothers. A grant provided by BCF in 2013 helped Quilts for Caring Hands provide 554 cheerful, comforting quilts to children in need in Benton, Linn, and Marion counties. Since its inception in 1990, QCH has given away over 7705 quilts. In the past few years, QCH has averaged 510+ quilts a year. In 2013 QCH celebrated the donation of their 8,000th quilt since beginning the program in Corvallis. The quilt was received by the Homeless 509 agency representative.  

Alpine Community Center

Lighting at the Alpine Community CenterThe Alpine Community Center (ACC) is an all-volunteer, grass-roots non-profit that serves rural South Benton County. ACC's mission is “to provide a facility and resources that offer a wide variety of programs for all persons in South Benton County. We strive to strengthen and unite the community by bringing together diverse elements, through arts, education, and economic development.” In 2013 and 2014, BCF made grants to ACC to improve the lighting in the facility.The new lights are functioning beautifully and have increased facility use as a direct result of being able to light the entire main hall.

Heartland Humane Society

A 2013 BCF grant to Heartland Humane Society (HHS) helped fund the Humane Education Program. The mission of this program is "to build a more compassionate community by teaching humane messages to our youth, caring for homeless animals and strengthening the human-animal bond begins with our commitment to education." HHS reached over 2,000 Benton county youth in 2013, with a total of 95 single presentations at local schools and other youth programs. During the summer, Camp Catnip expanded in hours from 4 to 6 each day and increased registration numbers from 10 to 14 youth each session. In the Fall, their Kindness Kids' Club also saw an increase in new members.

Jackson Street Youth Shelter

Jackson Street Youth Shelter Safe Space ProjectJackson Street Youth Center (JSYC) promotes safety, stability, and well-being for youth.  In addition to providing shelter services for youth between the ages of 10 and 21, JSYC provides outreach, counseling, casemanagement, mentoring and educational services to reduce homelessness, runaway behavior, substance abuse, delinquency, family dysfunction, child abuse, delayed education, and unemployment. JSYC works to prevent homelessness by showing a path to long-term success through building positive relationships and skills for self-sufficiency. BCF's 2013 grant to JSYC's Safe Spaces Project helped construct a confidential space for youth and their families to complete the intake process and for family mediation and counseling.

Thank you letters

from Community Outreach, Inc.
"We have received your check from the ROTC & Veterans Support Donor Advised Fund and would like to thank you for the award. Your support of Community Outreach has helped to provide invaluable services to the people who rely on our programs. It is the kindness shown by the caring and compassionate individuals of the community that affects positive change in the lives of those most in need. We thank you for continuing to support those who are working to create better lives for themselves and their families." - June 2014

from Parent Enchancement Program
"Thank you for being an important part of our prevention efforts. Your generous approval of funding in support of our 'Healthy Families, Safe Kids' project enables our staff and volunteers to continue our program geared toward our community goal of prevention. With support such as yours, we are able to continue on our services for young families in Benton County." - May 2014

from Spartan Robotic Team 997
"Thank you so much for your generous contribution ot our robotics team. We put your contribution towards being able to pay for our entry at this year's World Championship in Saint Louis. With your assistance, the team was able to attend the competition. We are looking forward to another successful year. Thank you once again for your contribution to our team." - March 2014